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  • Our debt to the Protestant Reformation

    The Reverend Gethin Rhys discusses ‘Our debt to the Protestant Reformation.’

  • Ein dyled i’r Diwygiad Protestannaidd

    Y Parchedig Gethin Rhys yn trafod ‘Ein dyled i’r Diwygiad Protestannaidd’.

  • Brexit and Wales: A Matter of Democracy

    David Davies MP discusses how Wales will be better off outside the EU and why respecting the referendum result is a matter of democracy.

  • Crisis in Care?

    Rachel Lewis discusses Age Cymru’s recently published report – Crisis in Care?

  • Council by-election results: Thursday 2 November

    Aldwick West (Arun) –Liberal Democrat gain from Conservative Liberal Democrats 719 – 52.7% (+34.2) Conservatives 480 – 35.2% (-16.7) Labour 112 – 8.2% (+8.2) Green Party 54 – 4% (+4.0)  Beaconsfield (Buckinghamshire) – Conservatives hold Conservatives 1,298 – 81.3% (+6.5)… Read More ›

  • Power of recall! Who’s calling for it?

    The recent trouble with MPs’ behaviour surely triggers one question – where’s the accountability? Their respective parties may be able to suspend them, but ultimately MPs are only answerable to themselves. There is no procedure in place which could demand… Read More ›

  • Brexit: A Flawed Blueprint

    . Dr Sulien Morgan Brexit seems to be at crisis point; the prospect of leaving the EU without a deal is now a very real possibility. Business leaders are worried, the agricultural sector even more so, sterling remains in a… Read More ›

  • Democracy – use it or lose it

    Welsh Assembly Member David Melding discusses the idea of ‘Democracy’ and how it applies to modern day Wales.

  • Jane Dodds: A Vision for Wales

    Welsh Liberal Democrats’ leadership candidate Jane Dodds sets out her vision for the party in Wales.