Jane Dodds: A Vision for Wales

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By Jane Dodds

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have the talent, the drive, the enthusiasm and the ambition to start winning again.  Wales needs the Welsh Liberal Democrats to offer real, meaningful, and Liberal solutions to the deep seated inequalities people face.  As a social worker, I have seen at first hand the inequalities in our society and the hardship suffered by people as they face a lack of good quality homes and a paucity of well-paid and full time employment.

People in Wales have health services which are well below the standards in England, and we need improved access to mental health provision.  We need to sustain our support to our Education Cabinet Secretary in Kirsty Williams as she continues to deliver progressive policies to improve educational standards for Welsh children.

We need an economic plan that breathes life back in to Wales, and to put green policies and renewable energy developments at the forefront of our strategy.

We need to be an outward looking Wales – welcoming refugees and helping those in need, as well as joining Vince  Cable and all other Liberal Democrats in challenging Brexit.

I want to lead a party of social justice to address the five evils that Beveridge identified more than 75 years ago.   A Leader in Wales is only as good as her team, and I believe the Welsh Liberal Democrats are a team that will go on to win.

Bydd y Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol yn mynd ymlaen i ennill.

Jane Dodds is currently a candidate to become the next leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats. She is a former parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats in the Montgomeryshire constituency standing at both the 2015 and 2017 General Elections. She has also served as a local councillor with a Cabinet portfolio on affordable housing.


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